Having climbed to success from a humble beginning, Governor Yahaya Bellow will replicate the pattern for Nigerians.

In view of the above, Nigerian voters in the next election will ensure a new dawn that will usher a better Nigeria by voting for Yahaya Bello as the next President of the country.

Voting for Yahaya Bellow would afford the Nigerians a chance to redefine their destiny. Many may not think or feel so, but our civilisation is endangered. It is endangered to the extent that the country to which we belong is endangered. It is not part of Nigerians to surrender to failure or poverty. But at present, we are going through a degree of poverty, hopelessness and failure that we have never seen before. The onus is on us to fight until we achieve success and overcome. Voting for Yayaha Bello is a choice for success

Notably, access to capital by entrepreneurs remains a problem as only 23 percent of businesses can get needed financing,” hence the nation’s economy is in dire strait. Against the backdrop, Nigerians are to ensure that electing Yahaya Bello as the next President of Nigeria will turn around the present situation that has occasioned a very precarious socio-economic situation in the country.

More importantly, ten reasons why Nigerians should vote for him are:

The first is that Bello will build and empower the youth. The second is that he will create jobs. The third is that he will not discriminate. The fourth is that he will respect the Rule of Law. The fifth reason that Nigerians should vote for Bello is that he will revamp education at basic and higher levels. The sixth, he will lift 50 million people out of extreme poverty. The seventh is that he will rapidly develop infrastructure. The eight is that he will ensure resource control. The ninth is that he will make power work and the tenth reason while Nigerians should vote for Bello is because he will protect Nigerians.

We need leaders who can improve on the lives of average Nigerians and not only on godfathers and party leaders and members alone. Yahaya bello will ensure average Nigerians are prioritized in his administration

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