One of the things that scare me the most in Ministry is how a Pastor can be very successful working under a Ministry and suddenly become stagnant after resigning to go and start his own ministry.Very progressive as a branch pastor, but stagnant as a General Overseer, commanded great crowd as a branch pastor, but can’t move beyond pastoring 10 – 15 persons.Some of them sponsored the kids of other parents through universities but only to resign and can’t even pay their own children’s school fees. Some of them are very big and influential as a Branch Pastor but only to resign and grow from big to small as a General Overseer. It seems to me that there is an invisible force fighting people at certain levels in Ministry. In the place of prayers, I came out with these 12 Reasons why successful Pastors become stagnant after resigning to start their own Ministry:

1. MOST PASTORS ARE NOT CALLED TO BE NUMBER ONE IN GOD’S PROGRAMME FOR THEIR LIFE. Where there is no calling, there is no backing and where there is no backing, you will back out, and where you refuse to back out, you will remain at the back side of life.

3. MOST PASTORS ARE ACTUALLY CURSED BY THEIR FORMER BOSS. A curse is an empowerment to fail. Never leave your spiritual father in very controversial circumstances. This is a battle you can never win, and never you joke with a curse. Even when he is the one that wrongs you, the curse will still work.

4. MOST PASTORS DON’T EVEN HAVE THE CAPACITY FOR A PIONEERING ASSIGNMENT: Spiritual capacity determines seating capacity. Capacity determines content and content determines outflow. You can’t carry a five-litre capacity to go and undergo an assignment that requires a fifty litre capacity content.

5. MOST PASTORS ARE EMBITTERED AGAINST THEIR FORMER BOSS: You cannot work in hatred and bitterness and don’t wither in Ministry. Bitterness is a cancer that kills the carrier and not just the one you are embittered against.

6. MOST PASTORS ARE MARRIED TO WOMEN WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN THEIR CALLING TO GO AND START AN INDEPENDENT MINISTRY: What is the use of a wife who believes you should not have left to start your own Ministry? If your wife is not in support of your starting a Ministry, you already have 2 enemies against the new work you are about to start. The first enemy is the devil and the second is your wife whose spirit is not with you.

7. MOST PASTORS HAVE NEVER SOWN ANY SEED OF HONOUR TO THEIR FORMER BOSS AFTER LEAVING TO START THEIR OWN MINISTRY: SO THE FLOW OF HONOUR CEASES IN THEIR DIRECTION. You can’t honour your father and don’t reap honour. Honour is a seed and dishonor is also a seed. Stop preaching against where you left. It will always fight your current assignment. Every Ministry have their own errors including the one you are just starting.

8 MOST PASTORS DID NOT SERVE FAITHFULLY DURING THEIR DAYS OF APPRENTICESHIP. So, it becomes impossible to succeed on their own. Remember the law is still the same, If you are faithful in that which belongs to another man, your own shall be given to you. Therefore, if you get your own without being faithful in that which belongs to another man, you will not be fruitful in your own. The sincerity of your service to your boss is a security of your Ministry.

9. MOST PASTORS WERE TARGETING THE MEMBERS OF THEIR FORMER BOSS. Even if you succeed in getting them, your Biggest problem will still come from them. They will always return home one day with so much lies against you. Never build the foundation of your ministry on the foundation of another man’s Ministry, it will fight the completion of your ministry building. Every founder is a digger, you must be ready to dig your own foundation. Those who follow you when you leave are well wishers. When the reality of following you dawns on them, well wishers can become evil wishers.

10. MOST PASTORS COPY EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR FORMER MINISTRY AND IN THE PROCESS, BECAME ANOTHER BRANCH THAT IS NOT NEEDED. You can’t be a founder if you are a photocopy. There is the place for impartation but it must not cover your originality. Your originality is your greatest identity in Ministry.

11. MOST PASTORS DON’T KNOW THE RESPONSIBILTY OF LEAVING A MINISTRY THAT HAS BECOME AN ESTABLISHED BRAND: When you leave a Ministry with an established name, you are leaving the entire name to go and create a new name, in the process, you will forfeit everything the particular name and brand offers to you. I tell most Pastors who are pastoring big Branches under an established name that what you have is a BRAND and not a BRANCH. It is like leaving Cocoa Cola to go and start your own soft drink company or Brand, you will have to forfeit the popularity of Cocoa Cola and go and start working on your own brand. Not everyone is anointed to survive this process.

12. MOST PASTORS ARE NOT FINANCIALLY PREPARED TO BE ON THEIR OWN: When you are a branch Pastor, all your needs are met by your former boss, but when you become a General Overseer, you have to fend for Yourself. As a branch Pastor, Money can be given to you to run project(s), but as a General Overseer, you have to raise the money yourself. When your Headquarters sends you on mission, they will give you what is called take-off Grant, but when you become a General Overseer, all you go with is take-off Grace. So, it is a departure from Grant to Grace. At this point, nobody pays you salary. You have to pay yourself. I therefore advise people that if you have not learnt the Principles of Supernatural supplies in Ministry, and if you have not conquered Poverty, it is risky to be a founder because your poverty level will have no headquarter to run to. You have to take care of this aspect of your life so that you don’t have to go back and start begging the people you have left for survival. Let me conclude by telling you a very painful reality most people giving you money now will not be moved anymore to give you money because you are no longer their Pastor. Some of them will even believe if they give to you, the Grace of their Spiritual father will fight them or not work for them. So, at this level of life, it is between you and your caller. Some love you but will have to be focused on their Current Pastor. It is possible to resign and rise beyond your former level. There are living witnesses that validate the above statements. We have Rev. Sam Adeyemi who resigned from Rhema Chapel that is very successful in every sense. We also have Pst. Korede Komaiya (K.K.) who also resigned from Winners’ Chapel that is very successful in all ramifications. Time will not permit me to mention several other Servants of God who became successful after leaving their former Ministry. It is possible! We shall get there.Thank you for reading.

Irabor Wisdom

Bishop, Answers Assembly.Warri, Delta StateNigeria

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