An Apology Letter.

Dear Friend,
On behalf of our Pastors, Our choir leaders, Our Church leaders and Every Christian in the world, I SAY SORRY because We have failed you

I say sorry for the pains you felt that time you ran to us for help and we made merchandise of your desperation asking you to sow a seed even when you had nothing to eat at Home.

Oh, how I feel the shock You had the first time that Pastor asked you to go to bed with Him just because you visited him for prayers. You asked him about his wife and he told you ‘never mind’. You were disappointed at not just Him but at every other Minister of the Gospel out there. You thought they were all the same. WE’RE SORRY.

I say sorry for all those false ‘THUS SAYS THE LORD’ which were targeted at your purse.

Imagine a sister who feels hunger to serve God, decides to join the choir and ends up aborting several times for choir master. Imagine a GAY who comes to Church to receive CHRIST only learn that his Pastor sees nothing wrong with his predicament.

A brother asked me in tears Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi, Isn’t the church hurting more people than they’re healing? Could GOD not be expecting us to humble ourselves and repent to this generation for those deceits, false, ‘THUS SAYS THE LORD’, EXTORTION, AND DISAPPOINTMENT?

Friend, if you’ve been hurt in the church, please accept this message and forgive us. Don’t let the weakness of a man deny you the strength in Christ.

Forgive your Pastor, forgive Your Youth leader, forgive your member, forgive yourself. Let brotherly love continue, let revival come. For we have come to THE END OF TIMES…NO TIME TO COUNT WRONGS.

Yours sincerely in His Vineyard.
Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi.
Tel: (+234) (0)8141201994.

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