By Idakpo Friday

The topic above depicts the conventional belief of society about success and leadership. It is common among people to say that special skills, qualities and charisma automatically selects certain persons who become the “Few are Chosen” caucus.

However, such conventional beliefs are not true. In moment I will uncover what the assertion in focus truly depicts.

Now lets uncover the assertion in part. “MANY ARE CALLED”. Many are indeed born into the world. No one ideally is refused entry into the world at the aftermath of conception. The world is a place for all, and by virtue of birth, many are granted access into the world to begin life on earth.

In a space of time everyone is availed an opportunity to grow, develop and become great. Everyone is given this opportunity.

FEW ARE CHOSEN: the opportunity availed everyone by life to be great come with a price and only those who pay the price becomes the “The Chosen”. The prices are wrapped up in time, energy, resources and more alike. Only those who are determined to go all the way amidst the seemingly difficult prices can register their name in the vault of success, and consequently become “The Chosen”.

The Chosen are not some special breed of human beings with superhuman abilities endowed from God to be ahead of others. They are simply anyone who decide to pay the price for success.

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