Living for Truth: APC and its “Bogu-Bogu” play

By Lohodedoo Iorkyaa ( piece written 4years old)

Faith, we are told, can move mountains. Most Nigerians believe from this moment that the time of our miracle has come. Those who think the madness going on in Nigeria would endure forever should bury the thought. Wherever two or more Nigerians are gathered now, the topic is how to exorcise these political demons in our midst. Inside the mosques and churches, clerics are heaping esoteric curses on our insensitive leaders. The only people who cannot gauge the ominous signs are those people thriving on the woes and misery of fellow Nigerians. There is no basis for Nigerians to vote for a ruling party that has failed so woefully. We invite their spin doctors to come out boldly and tell us why APC deserves our votes after the manner they have messed up the lives of most Nigerians in the last three years (and still counting).

They should tell us how much they’ve paid out to an ill-assorted bunch of contractors for electricity, roads, water, fertilizers, Abuja and the results of such humongous investments. So much has been recovered from loots yet we have nothing on ground to show for how the manna from heaven has benefitted Nigerians. Even the petroleum products that we should enjoy are not readily available to us. It is a regular eyesore all over Nigeria. The sixth largest oil-producing nation in the world!There is a theory that the ruling party is misbehaving so terribly because our hour of change has arrived. The dog that must get lost would never hear the hunter’s whistle. He who the gods want to destroy they first make mad. It is obvious that these folks have learnt nothing from the tragedy of the Shagari government, which was necessitated by the reckless abuse of power by the then NPN. This was the same way the hawks were beating their chests that they had conquered the heavens and the earth. And they really played God.

NPN of those days has now metamorphosed into the APC of today. The gladiators are just incapable of suppressing their arrogance. You should have seen their political rallies in Ekiti, where they had gone to intimidate the beleaguered people of the turbulent state. Our rulers wore the looks of Emperors. They threw their weight around, as the tongue-tied spectators watched in wonderment. There was nothing new in the empty speeches. The message was as selfish as ever, put the warlords back in power, by hook or by crook. They have learnt no useful lesson from the June 12 presidential election debacle, which is yet to fully settle some 16 agonizing years after. Our political gladiators are so power-drunk that they believe no evil can befall them no matter how irresponsibly they govern us. They need someone to tell them some home truth. Nigerians are sick and tired of their incompetence, and we crave a change. Nigerians can no longer tolerate the insults of election riggers who believe that because they control the apparatus of power they can force themselves on us. There would have been no problem if the rulers are able to present to us their performance sheets to show how well they’ve done, and if they allowed the voters their free choice. While the world is marching forward, and conducting its acts with decorum, we are retrogressing, and disgracing Africa’s. Our own Obama will come, as a symbol of our freedom and liberty.

We shall have a man/woman we can truly love, admire and respect, not a leader who would be forced on us. The challenge of finding such a person is what you are about to read in the final parts of these special series. We shall throw up names of our potential Obamas, examine their assets and liabilities. Before we do that, we’ll begin with the tales of a few presidential aspirants that we know, and advise them on why they should not run. They need not take our advice. First on the list is our incumbent president, Muhammad Buhari . A man now widely known to be grossly and annoyingly incompetent but was forced on us as a stop gap . Since he became our president via a most controversial election, we are yet to feel any meaningful impact on our lives. According to his friends, he has spent two long years studying our problems. He now needs another six years to perfect the solution. His failing health has attracted more attention than his performance. At a time most Nigerians were praying unto the good Lord to give him the stamina to conclude his first term in office, some sycophants are cajoling him into running for a second. If he loves himself, he should ignore those noisemakers and return in peace to his home in Katsina. One

day, he would be amazed to see the same people falling over themselves to work for a new leader. That is their style. Also, in a country of nearly 200 million people, how can we justify the fact that less than ten people would continue to recycle themselves in power. No matter how brilliant they may be, the laws of diminishing returns must set in at their present age. They have both passed the retirement age for public servants. By the year 2019, most of whom would have crossed the age of 75. At that age, one should be spending time with his grandchildren, and his many adopted godchildren. He should be a quintessential statesman who can identify with our own Obama and offer him total support, like the Kennedys did in America. His country and our own Obama can still benefit from his wealth of experience. Same goes for PMB. Their obsession with returning to power may finally demystify the two.As for former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, age is fast catching up on him too. Also, he has fought too many controversial battles. The side effects are beginning to show on him. His recent decision to visit his former boss, General Olusegun Obasanjo was a total misadventure. The attempt to rejoin the opposition party clandestinely has thrown his party into disarray. His party is now left at the mercy of an opulence few who has been the main moving force. Many are asking what change can Atiku produce as he has many powerful enemies just as he has very solid friends everywhere.

Like Chief Moshood Abiola’s candidacy, many people will definitely regard Atiku as being too strong to come under anyone’s control. Even as Vice President, many people believe he outshined his principal. This is an albatross he may find difficult to off-load. The other scenario is for him to become the ultimate opposition leader in Nigeria. He’s already carved in the mould of a sage, and is very capable of pulling spectacular stunts. Though the PDP could not tolerate the progressiveness of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and that of Oby Ezekwesili but I am now sure they have realized their sins, repented and possibly departed from it. For the APC now which annoyingly prefer to overload most positions with near illiterates and professional politicians. The APC in its true colour has already foreclosed the ambition of younger and energetic folks of the next presidential election. What manner of a so-called democratic party would kill the ambition of its members to satisfy one over-privileged member? Nothing could be sadder than this. Looking back and today there are several potential Obamas in PDP but their future is already mortgaged by the irresponsibility of their party.

There is, therefore no forlorn hope that the APC government possess the talismanic power to recuperate the deeply wounded and ill treated and Marginalized Nigerians. As I keep robbing shoulders with the “big guy” in my quest for the play out and fallout from both Contending parties, I am reasonably convinced that except those dwelling in a fool’s paradise that can exercise their franchise for the APC. But then, who knows tomorrow?

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