What Enone Federal Constituency needs right now is a humane leaders like the UK trained lawyer, Hon Chief Philip Agbese fondly called Okanga.

He is a young leader who has woken up to the new reality of the 21st century and understands that a tree cannot make a forest in the political and economics scenes. This realization has made him to identify youths who really need help to actualize their dreams.

The great right activist above all, has inspired, empowered his people; create psychologically safe work environment for those who work in his media outlets, they grow and thrive, enjoy their work, and inspired to give their best.

If we reflect on the choices of aspirants for 2023 election for Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency, test them against the things we believe they have done in reality without insult and propaganda, value it, and then think about what they can do differently to show us quality representation, Okanga still remain the best choice.

We must rise up above petty politics of hatred, blackmail and hatred to support our humane cerebral Idoma activist turned politician, Okanga to lead us to a perfect eldorado in Enone Federal Constituency.

Courtesy: Okanga Awareness Centre

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