By Idakpo Friday Nicholas

Trumpets are at their loudest blast, drums rolled out in mass, and dancers jingle in their best dancing techniques in honour of an iconic, and royal personality, Miss Faith (My dearest) on her most noble birthday.

It is in this atmosphere of indescribable gladness that I heartily and deeply celebrate and felicitate with you on your royal birthday.

Dearest Faith Abraham I like to blow my trumpet about your charismatic personality. You are loved by all who has encountered you irrespective of how short a time they met with you. The testimony of your laudable impacts made headlines in the mouths of countless individuals. Trust me when I say you are a role model to many ladies in our society.

Your kindness, loving spirit, sacrifice, benevolence, and patience portrays that you are a philanthropist with no boundaries. Miss Faith embraces everybody who came her way with incredible Understanding, patience, and wisdom. She is preacher of love, and pure women virtues.

She is intelligent, dynamic in many ways, talented, humble, and hospitable. She is a teacher, motivator, inspirer, mentor, and a coach to many ladies. She is truly a gift to her community, and the world.

The chronicles of Miss Faith is beyond the pages of paper as her good deeds are too voluminous to document within a life time. The testimonies of her unmatched impacts in the lives of friends, colleagues, family, associates, peers, and community echo daily, and resounds even more as days go by.

On the occasion of your glorious birthday, It is my earnest prayer that God will continue to grant you the grease and grace to touch more lives than you have done. And may blessings of unmatched wealth, favour, and long life compliment your good works my dear.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY great woman. Once again, I celebrate you heartily. A bigger, better, and prosperous you I pray. Cheers!!!

Nicholas Friday

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