Our Patriots have come under very vicious attacks in the last two weeks for their singular confidence, conviction and faith in the Enone 2023 project.
All these have been done to intimidate, blackmail and to coerce us into abandoning the ship just to enable them continued to promote their falsehood on us as a people.
These and many more we expect in the next few months as we continue to engage with the masses, persuade them and work hard for the actualization of the mandate.
Let me use this opportunity to plead with our supporters and friends to emulate the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the Holy Scriptures to return them love when they insult us. We must show them a different way to what they have become accustomed to. We are in politics to show there is a better way to serve the masses and that message of hope must not be derailed no matter what.

The election to rescue Enone in 2023 is simply a call to reaffirm our already existing values and our commitments, to hold them against a hard reality and make bright the path for our future generations unborn.

Let no one be allowed to taint our humble character as they cannot afford it despite their resources.

Let no one be allowed to derail us as they cannot learn to be focused at this point.

Let no one be allowed to discourage you as we move forward towards the goal.

Our only opposition is HATRED and with LOVE we shall conquer them all.

Let Love Lead as what God cannot do doesn’t exist.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Philip Agbese LLB( UK), MBA (UK) LLM (UK).

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